Sparkling elaboration

Elegant and refined, Crémant d'Alsace is made using the traditional method. The Muré family takes great care in the selection of the grapes that go into its vinification.

All come exclusively from the vineyards around the estate, in the Rouffach region, whose limestone soils are suitable for the production of fine and perennial creamers.

The health status of the grapes is carefully studied and the berries are stored in small containers to keep them intact until pressing.


The winemaking and ageing take place over 12 months. After a first fermentation in lightning or stainless steel vats, the final assembly is made on the principle of the solera: to the wine of the year is added a wine from previous vintages. These reserve wines are kept on fine lees. This ageing gives the wine an exceptional vinosity and a fine complexity.

The cream’s fine bubbles come from a second fermentation in a bottle. This step is called the foam setting.


After the bottle is made of foam, the wine acquires its nobility during a long storage on slats. This long ageing brings an elegant mousse and subtle aromas of brioche and fresh fruit. Then comes the disgorgement stage, after which the wine rests for a few more months to replenish itself. The disgorgement date indicated on the counter-label will allow you to taste it according to your tastes. A year after the disgorgement, the wine reveals its characteristic fruit aromas. Beyond, it develops an exceptional breed and vinosity. It is advisable to consume it within three years of disgorging